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Stop TTIP Protests - 15th May 2014

Why we protest?

How to do this - rule of thumb:

  1. Stage a rally / demonstration in your town or in a big town near you.
  2. 1st thing to do for this - and that as fast as possible: Entry the Demo location, and additionally, set up a neutral related facebook event page for your demo, where people can promise that they will participate, and link it in the wiki - good example is Linköping (Sweden)
  3. It’s important to take a good mobilisation video, set the link to the google protestmap at the very top of the the video description and make sure that the video gets massively spread, because a lot of people still don’t know !
  4. Bring people you know to promise to show up there (and show it publicly) and ask others to do the same.
  5. Ask any organisation you can think of to come there, too. Before you ask, think of what part of TTIP will anger them the most. Don't worry, there is something in it for everyone.
  6. Give OldMedia "hints" by writing in their online forums or letters to the editor or asking specific things if they do something on TTIP or...
  7. Promote the rally in whatever way you can. If you need help, ask others.
  8. Do things on the to-do list and put things there if you need help.

The more people know about this and the more the date is known, the more media will cover it, the more people will show up. It is as simply as that. So spread the word - now!

Demo Overview


Eu map icon.png  protestmap

demo locations in protest map (add if you want them on the map)

Google doc.jpg  statistics

Here the number of people promissing in respective local
Facebook event pages to participate at the demo will be counted together

Calendar.png  pool for demo date

We need to find a date that would be most appropriate for all
or nearly all of the countries. Vote on this issue.

Car icon.jpg  Get or give a ride

Video.png  You have pictures or videos of your protests?

  • Send pictures and videos in your city via Twitter:
@stopTTIPprotest #country #city link (embedded)

Current numbers.jpg   Number of protest participants

  • Send numbers of participating people in your city via Twitter:
@stopTTIPprotest #country #city #stopTTIPattendance number


Networking.jpg  getting connected

Let's get in contact with all appropriate organizations in order to
involve them; together we're unstoppable !

Buendnis.gif   alliance & support

Wanna support the protests on April 19th against TTIP, CETA, TPP, etc.
as an organization ? Well, then go for it and sign in.

Mitmachen.jpg  join-in portal

Wanna help anyhow ? Wanna do anything against TTIP, CETA, TTIP, etc. ?
Well, then this is the right place for you.

Info.png  information

information, material, flyer, petitions, press review

Demo.jpg  HowTo demonstration

Contact.png  Contact

Help.png  Help